Ready to feed some awesome kids?

Your bowls arrived and you're ready to do some good. Awesome! Here’s what you need to know in 6 easy steps. We’ve also included a few handy resources that will come in handy.

Step 1: Pass out your rice bowls

When you pass out your Rice Bowls, be sure to give each person one of the little cards that came with your bowls. They’re great reminders of who you’re helping. And for a quick intro to who they’ll be helping, show this short 2 minute video.


Step 2: Set a date

Announce the date they need to bring their bowls back. This will be the day you count up the funds you’ve raised and find out how many meals you’ll provide.

(4-6 weeks is a great campaign length.)

Step 3: Inspire everyone to fill their bowls

Sharing stories about the children and the homes you’ll be helping is a great way to motivate your crew. You can also send out reminders, post printable posters as well as play a short video or 2.  All of which are ready for download here. Check ‘em out! 

And, if you’re in a hurry, here’s one of our favorite videos about an orphanage in India:


Step 4: Gather bowls

Today is the day.  And your crew has brought their bowls back.  Time to collect ‘em.

Step 5: Break ‘em open

So everyone’s ready to find out how much money they’ve raised. Time for a bowl-breaking party! Crack the bowls open and count the funds.

To crack the bowls open you can whack the side of the bowl on the ground and the top will pop off. Others have used little hammers to crack open the top of the bowls. Some folks drop the bowls from balconies, others drive over ‘em. We think we’ve heard it all. But the point is have fun with it.

Step 6: Feed orphaned children around the world.

Before you submit your funds online or send a check with the print-ready return slip, be sure to plug in the dollar amount below and hit the “MEALIFY” button to find out how many meals you just made possible!

We raised:

That makes number meals

Pretty Sweet! You’re gonna make lots of smiles!

Great Job! This means the world to our kids!

Wonderful! You’re amazing!

Boom! You just turned hungry into happy!

Awesome! Really Awesome!  Thank you so much.

It's party time! To help you celebrate and share the number meals you've provided, here's a downloadable poster.  Just write in the number of meals YOU provided and hang 'em high. You just helped some amazing kids reach their potential.


Let's feed some amazing kids!